Tackling Touchy Subjects




A This resource is meant to support the work of both clinicians and parents in helping children tackle content related to sex education and body safety. Teaching modules and playful activities can be selected to support the education and skills training of a wide range of children. Preschoolers who may only need an introduction to appropriate words for private parts, body rights, and body safety will find what they need. Elementary school children will have exposure to nuanced examples of how their comfort level with touch depends on a variety of factors, will craft and practice setting verbal and physical boundaries, and evaluate whether or not certain secrets are safe to keep. All children will receive training in how to translate boundaries into effective communications. In addition to the topics listed above, children who have been sexually abused will find activities that help them explore the dynamics of their own abuse and shift the blame away from the self. Finally, children with problematic sexual behavior and their families will find guidance about setting and keeping sexual behavior rules and helping children take responsibility when needed, as well as support and accountability for new family boundaries.

The topics addressed in this volume include:
*public parts and private parts
*touching…it all depends
*body boundaries
*assertiveness training
*sexual behavior rules
*new family boundaries


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