Play Therapy Training/Continuing Education:

Paris Goodyear-Brown is an internationally recognized trainer in play therapy. Whether you are a beginning clinician or have been working in the field for years, you will find continuing education that expands your practice. Trainings range from an Introduction to Play Therapy to enhancing the developmental sensitivity of specific treatment models for attachment disturbances and trauma work. Training can be individually tailored to the needs of your conference, organization or agency. 

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Potential training topics include:

Introduction to Play Therapy: Toys, Space and Presence
Taming the Trauma: Using Flexibly Sequential Play Therapy with Traumatized Children
Creative Interventions for Problems of Dysregulation
Tackling Touchy Subjects: Play Therapy with Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors
Delight In Me: Play Therapy for Attachment Repair
Winning The Worry Wars: Play Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
Play Therapy for ADHD, ODD, and Disruptive Behaviors
Play Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Paris Goodyear-Brown provides remote group supervision for clinicians who wish to become Registered Play Therapists (RPTs) through the TraumaPlay™ certification trainings. As the supervision needs of a play therapist in Singapore may be different than someone here in the states, supervision can be personalized to your unique needs.

Play therapists in training need 50 hours of play therapy supervision unless they receive their supervision from and RPT-S. In this case, clinicians need 20 hours of individual (or triadic) supervision and up to 15 hours of group supervision (all supervision can be individual, but the group option may be more economical.

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Paris consults with agencies, organizations, clinics, schools and private practitioners on the following topics:

-setting up a playroom-toys, space, methods of work
-developing a trauma informed practice
-increasing the developmental sensitivity of your treatment center/program
-delivering evidence based approaches in developmentally sensitive ways
-building a thriving practice
-case consultation
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