Our Mission

Nurture House exists to help parents and children in distress recapture the joy stolen by early neglect, trauma, anxiety, dysregulation, or a simple lack of connectedness.

Our Guiding Principles

While children’s negative behaviors can seem to be the root cause of chaos in families, we believe revolution in families can occur when parents shift their paradigms and children get their underlying needs met.

Our Place

Nurture House is a uniquely designed treatment center that provides fun, developmentally sensitive spaces that make it easier for families to do the deep work of healing.

At Nurture House, attachment theory serves as the bedrock for all services, and provides the scaffolding for co-regulation strategies such as the SOOTHE strategies (Paris Goodyear-Brown et. al), the Empowering, Connecting and Correcting Principles of Trust Based Relational Intervention(TBRI-Karyn Purvis), the attachment focused games of the Theraplay model and encourages parents to always be asking the question: what is the need underlying the behavior?

Evidence based interventions such as TF-CBT, EMDR, components of PCIT and somatic therapy modalities are implemented within the larger attachment frame.  Play therapy approaches, sand tray approaches and other expressive arts approaches (visual art, puppetry, music, drama and storytelling) allow children to dance towards and away from the trauma content as needed, while retelling the trauma, integrating sensory content, creating coherent narrative, and practicing new skills. When children have anxiety specific symptoms, they may engage in a course of treatment that integrates a play-based exposure/response prevention protocol. A Prescriptive Paradigm guides treatment planning by always asking the guiding question, “What does the child need now?”