Parent Consults/Coaching

An initial parent consult might be what you’re looking for if…

  • you have questions about whether or not a certain troubling behavior is developmentally appropriate or may benefit from treatment
  • you have had a traumatic event or unexpected stressor in the family and need help making a plan for moving forward in a way that best supports your child
  • you have questions about how to talk to the kids about major transitions such as separation, divorce, a parent’s sudden absence due to a substance abuse problem or recovery process
  • you have questions about how to help your child socially
  • you wonder if you have done irreparable damage to your relationship with your child through your own reactivity but have been too embarrassed to seek help

A Nurture House clinician will listen to your concerns, ask a host of follow up questions and give feedback. In some cases this may be reassurance that your child is developmentally on target, going through a phase, or could benefit from some tweaking of your parenting approach. In other cases, the clinician may recommend further assessment and/or treatment.