Digging for Buried Treasure: 52 Prop-Based Play Therapy Interventions for Treating the Problems of Childhood




This compendium of innovative treatment techniques is useful for children with a multitude of problems. The techniques are arranged according to treatment focus with categories including feelings expression and verbalization, self-esteem, anger management, social skills, and impulse control strategies. Each intervention comes with step-by-step directions as well as treatment goals, age ranges and appropriate populations while placing the technique along a treatment continuum. Even processing questions and therapeutic homework are included to make this an easy-to-read, invaluable reference for clinicians.

“Clarity, guidance and inspiration are treasures that this book provides for those working with children. This tool box of useful interventions comes with complete directions for use with individuals, children, groups and families. This book will be a treasured, well used reference book that will not likely be loaned to others.”  Beverly James, author of Treating Traumatized Children and Handbook for Treatment of Attachment-Trauma Problems in Children

“Paris Goodyear-Brown takes items that are familiar and appealing to children, such as marshmallows, magnifying glasses, and even umbrellas, and uses them as “props” to captivate and engage children and help them work through their treatment issues. This book is a must-have for therapists seeking to add new and innovative play therapy techniques to their repertory.” Liana Lowenstein, MSW, CPT-S, author of Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth


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