The Worry Wars: An Anxiety Workbooks for Kids and Their Helpful Adults!




The Worry Wars is a step-by-step guide to helping children conquer their fears. Three heroic characters battle formidable fears and defeat them. Children who struggle with anxiety will identify with one or more of the hopeful and beautifully illustrated metaphoric stories that provide a springboard for dozens of fun, clinically sound interventions. The activities provide child-friendly ways to:
• Understand how anxiety works
• Identify worries and anxious thoughts
• Develop and practice adaptive coping strategies
• Practice relaxation
• Create and practice cognitions to help boss back the worries
• Develop an attack plan that includes doing the scary thing anyway

… but in a gradual way that allows the child to experience a sense of mastery.

A variety of fun reproducibles help children and their helpful adults plan their battles, record their successes and track rewards as they gradually boss back the worry. Finally, activities are provided to help families celebrate after they emerge victorious from the Worry Wars.


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