10 PEAS in a Pod (DVD)




10 PEAS in a Pod is an innovative collection of prescriptive eclectic play therapy strategies designed to help therapists develop young clients. In this video, three seasoned play therapists combine both their knowledge bases and their clinical experience to create an empirically informed, user-friendly and delightfully entertaining program. This amusing video blends effective play therapy techniques, research, and role-playing demonstrations of each technique, to make these treatment strategies immediately replicable by viewers. The video includes practical, creative, and effective interventions for the following issues:

– trauma-related symptoms
– anger management problems
– anxiety symptoms
– excessive or inappropriate guilt
– self-soothing and relaxation skills

As an added bonus, the panel discussion by the three experienced presenters regarding their preferred treatment approaches is sure to surprise and delight the watcher. This unforgettable video will keep you laughing until the last moment.


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