Nurture the Needs Parenting Groups

** Our Parenting Groups are currently inactive, but will resume at a later date. **

This group, a six-week psychoeducation and support group for adoptive parents, will offer a holistic paradigm for helping children heal. Many adoptive children have difficulty with self-regulation and self-soothing. Out of this difficulty can come behaviors that are hard to handle. Understanding the neurophysiology of these children, their stress response systems and their “windows of tolerance” set the stage for understanding the most helpful ways of connecting with a child from a hard beginning.

As parents, it helps to have a comprehensive toolkit of parenting strategies that includes co-regulation skills in addition to traditional behavior management practices.

The goals of the group are twofold:

  • to help parents be better equipped to meet the needs underneath their adopted child’s behaviors
  • to build a community of support with other parents.

In addition to being offered at Nurture House, this group can be taken into a school setting and offered within churches or other community organizations who are trying to partner with and support adoptive families. Contact Nurture House for more details.

Continuing Education
A leader in the fields of developmentally sensitive trauma treatment and play therapy, Paris Goodyear-Brown offers a rich variety of workshop training options to other mental health professionals, child service workers, teachers and daycare workers, and other helping professionals. For training topics, upcoming workshop dates and feedback from past participants, click here.